Create a link-in-bio page using Google Sheets.

πŸ–₯ Demo

Check out the demo page and also the linked Google Sheet to see how editing your bio page is done:


πŸŽ– Features

– Google Sheets as a CMS (content management system) to edit and update your link-in-bio page

– Progress bar to show your goals

– Revenue or metric chart to show your progress

– Call-To-Action button to market your latest product

– 5 links per section for your products, content and contact details

– Potential for nocode automation using Google Sheets to Zapier integrations

– Custom domain, analytics available as an upgrade

πŸ’¬ Reviews

Here's what our customers are saying about Sheet2Bio:

"Sheet2Bio rocks! For the metric-obsessed entrepreneur and the online citizen looking for a quick business card to share with clients, customers and new friends, Sheet2Bio makes it easy to share what is important to your online presence. It blows the competitors out of the water with its ease of use, simple design and capability to track metrics like MRR and ARR in a simple public graph." – Mitch Edwards

"I love Sheet2Bio because of its nice and clean UI and also because you can show some progress visually. Very unique! πŸ”₯" – Peter Holzer

"Sheet2Bio represents something I always imagined for myself, which is a way to create a portal that captures a 360-degree picture of all my experiments, projects, but also creative pursuits. Most importantly, I want the ability where the website can update itself with the right trigger, instead of worrying about having to update whenever something changes. For example, I can easily create automation where when the bio on my Twitter profile changes, it’s reflected on the google sheet as well and therefore my Sheet2Bio site." – Andrew Tsao

"Sheet2Bio is nice and simple to use. It's very unique tool for every creator, especially for one with lots of links." – Cesar Hawke

πŸ–Ό Gallery

See how people are using Sheet2Bio:






πŸ’΅ Pricing

US$50 one-time. Pay once, use forever.

– Pay US$50 once, and use your current version of Sheet2Bio page indefinitely.

– Money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you can cancel/refund anytime. No questions asked.

– What's the catch, you might ask? One-time payment means no access to future updates or features. But you can use your version of Sheet2Bio in perpetuity.

– Check out the current set of features available when you sign up, in the demo.

– To get access to new versions/features released after your initial purchase, you can upgrade at an additional $10 one-time payment each time. Upgrades are not mandatory, of course.

– To add your own custom domain and/or analytics, upgrade at an additional $25 one-time payment.


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